Workplace Egyptomania

Exhibited at Of Local Interest, Collective, London

Based on the launch of the Carreras Cigarette Factory in 1928, this series of works imagines the consequences of contextualising a workplace within the symbolism of Ancient Egypt. Opening during the height of Egyptomania – following the excavation of Tutankamun’s tomb in 1922 – actors clad in Ancient Egyptian-inspired costumes performed chariot races outside the factory on pavements lined with sand.

ABOVE: Object Actions is a re-enactment of some of the distractions caused by having sand in the workplace and the subsequent connections between the formal qualities of office furniture and Ancient Egyptian sculptures in the British Museum.

BELOW: Ceremonial Sand
Air drying clay, watercolour paint, PVA glue, nail varnish
An artist’s impression of individual grains of sand made by someone who can feel sand in the workplace during an art therapy session arranged through occupational health, with each individual grain made according to the scale and texture imagined by the person making it.

AND: Chair Leg, Granular Notes, Battle Lungs
Ink, watercolour paint, oil pastel
Drawings based on sand in workplace themed dreams, fantasies and hallucinations.