Vibin n Marblin

Vibin n Marblin are visual artist Chloe Cooper and composer Jackie Walduck. Jackie creates mesmeric music using her vibraphone and looper. Chloe creates immersive patterns by dropping different coloured paints onto a thickened watery surface. Chloe’s marbling responds to Jackie’s music and vice versa, resulting in immersive video projections and mesmeric vibraphone soundscapes. This dialogical practice sparks fresh associations between perceptions of lived experience and inspires the emotions connected with present-centred consciousness.

Hyperpresence Jam centres Jackie’s and Chloe’s dialogical process of improvisation. Chloe uses Japanese suminagashi marbling to respond to Jackie’s vibraphone melodies and vice versa. We performed this as an introduction to our practice to begin our trio of performances at The Hot Tin.

Miso Kitchen is a cross-sensory interactive performance presenting live Japanese paper marbling in dialogue with specially created music. The artists watch and listen, adapting to one another in real time. They invite the audience to reflect on their own cross-sensory experience of eating miso soup whilst immersed in the swirling sights and sounds. Can colours and sounds alter the taste of miso soup? The slow, measured vibe echoes ancient ceremonies and invites you to reset and savour a shared creative space.

Communion rehearsal footage

Communion is inspired by ecclesiastical architecture and the role of the physical senses in dematerialised life taking place in digitised spheres. Chloe uses the processes of Turkish paper marbling to play with the awe-inducing effects of stained glass windows while Jackie leans into the signatures of churchcore melodies and rhythms. Using video- mixing software to mix live visuals from the marbling tank with the iconography of the stained glass windows and live looping to moderate the sound, we’re seeking to bring together the digital sphere with the sensory experience of live performance.

Water Ripple Swan Gate rehearsal footage

Water Ripple Swan Gate is a live performance and track inspired by footage of water rippling in the waterways of Thamesmead. We filmed the footage just outside the Moorings Sociable Club and mixed it together with animations of fish spotted in Southmere Lake.

Three colour risograph print to buy with a download code for the track:

Edge of Forming is an audio-visual artwork produced as development from print and music created in response to experiences during at Lavender Walk Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

Music, Marbling and Trancing was a research project exploring cross sensory creative environments with participants from North Kent Mind, funded by the University of Kent and Research England. This end of project film brings together film of participants marbling to the music that other participants made in response to the marbling.

Fluorescent Koi is an homage to the fluorescent batten. The abrupt return from lockdown in the spring of 2021 felt as harsh as the spring sun beaming through the bare trees. During our Zoom meetings, in which Chloe marbled in her fluorescent-lit studio, the light strips were reflected on the water, and shimmied gently like Koi carp as she dripped and swirled the paints.