Mr Dips

Designer Debo Adegoke challenged 16 creatives to make something out of all the empty hummus boxes he’d acquired over the years of being a total hummus fiend. While he never described himself as a “fan” of Mr Dips hummus, Debo’s insatiable desire for hummus reminded me of the way I greedily devoured fan fiction. Fan fiction’s written by the fans of existing fictional characters, imagining them in situations outside of their original contexts. 

So I made a very short fan fiction zine (and stickers!) featuring the character who appears on the Mr Dips hummus label. And because my favourite genre of fan fiction is “shameless smut” I made sure to lean into the sensual qualities of hummus; the way it can be licked with a tongue, sucked off a finger, and smeared across skin. Bon Appétit!

Mr Dips was exhibited at the Treasure Project exhibition at Lakeside Centre, London in April 2024.