Geranium is a collection of accounts and stories by Chloe Cooper and Jackie Chettur. It was written through the early stages of the pandemic, as the authors and friends were struggling to adjust to an altered way of living. As visual artists it took a big leap of faith to use the medium of writing to digest, process and articulate the changes that they were experiencing.

“We’re really glad we took a chance on writing as a way to create a testament of this time in our lives. It allowed us to record and preserve extraordinary moments that would otherwise have become blurry. Reading back is like recognising a version of ourselves that is becoming increasingly hard to access as we’re asked to focus on “getting back to normal”.

After writing nine short pieces each over a period of 15 months, we slowed and eventually stopped writing to one another. We didn’t feel the need to force ourselves to carry on but instead realised that we could continue our collaboration by working on a book together. Creating this physical collection of our writings has taken us almost as many months as the 15 we spent writing to each other! Thankfully it has felt as empowering and heartwarming.”

Geranium is available to buy at Lakeside Art Shop

Geranium was launched at Jupiter Projects in Newlyn in 2023 with live readings and marbling. Thanks to Faye Dobinson for her curation, Benjamin Miller for proofreading and Lucy Sheerman for the edits.