Begging for Scraps

Begging for Scraps (this is what they call a portfolio career)
Commissioned by Joe Harvey as part of 21st Century Fox in the Snow, Embassy, Edinburgh

Scrap #1: When doing nothing leads to something

What’s holding me back? Why am I ok? Is it ok that i’m ok or is it not ok that I’m ok?
Narrated drawings about having an old phone and something that i’m maybe calling passive or accidental activism where you find yourself doing something deviant through not doing anything
(like not getting a new phone or not shaving your armpits).

Scrap #2: The additional work of getting up early for work

A kind of point of view perspective bit about the temporal/spatial particularities (constraints) of offline living like the obligation of shared living which ends in stepping on a slug and saying i bet this would never happen online, you know, cos space isn’t a problem/quality of online so it cuts to a youtube clip of someone stepping on a slug. In this clip the camera recording what is happening starts off as kind of empowering and then becomes kind of oppressive. Similarly the comments below the video echo how there is limited space online in the sense that some voices are encouraged and some not. The third bit is about giving space (as in time) to this oppressive force and the lack of social obligation to live together. It is 6 minutes of me trying to do the face of the avatar of the person who has said that the person in the video who has trodden on the slug should stop being a girl about it and struggling to talk about gender.

Scrap #3: A white lion, a green lion, an ex-footballer and an ex-politician on not working

Absenteeism as a form of activism and out of office replies being well radical. Hall and Oates. Not always being there.