A Facility for Fluid Sharers
This sex education / paper marbling workshop is an opportunity to practice making choices together within the context of sexual relationships. It asks participants to consider which fluids they’d like to give and which they’d like to receive via the medium of paper marbling.

Watch the demonstration video here

The workshop lasts for 1 hour and is for 4 participants at a time. Each participant is assigned a mucous membrane (marbling tank) and partner with which to negotiate which fluids (appropriately coloured gouache-paint-and-water-mix) to share on each other’s mucous membranes. The fluids include blood, cum, bum juice, vag juice, spit, piss and sweat. They then decide how each fluid should be dispensed by experimenting with a selection of finger- worn devices. Once fluids are dispensed, there is an opportunity to “get creative” using a range of hand-cast silicone tools including the “Studded Stroker”, “Three-Toed Tickler” and “Ribbed Rake” (pictured below). Once both partners are satisfied, paper can be placed onto the surface of their mucous membranes to make a print of their fluid sharing.

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